Product - Precote 80 Microcapsules. Mubux®-MO(970)
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Precote 80 Microcapsules. Mubux®-MO(970)
Precote 80 Microcapsules. Mubux®-MO(970)
Brand: Kerb Konus
Mubux-MO is used wherever a vibration-free firm fit and extremely good sealing properties are required in addition to a high thread load capacity and wear resistance. It is suitable for plastic and steel, for minimal wall thicknesses and extremely brittle materials. 

Precote 80 is a microcapsule acrylic-based pre-coating. When screwed into a nut thread, the capsules break open and the plastic flux begins to harden, creating a firm water-tight joint. 
Material: Steel
Size: M3-M12

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